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I love getting results for my clients.  I offer high quality bodywork customized to your individual needs.  Whether it's targeted relief from chronic tension and injury or a relaxing massage, I'm here to help you move more easily in your body so you can keep doing the things that bring you joy.  

While massage compresses the tissues, massage cupping decompresses the tissues.  This dynamic facilitates a release of stuck and stagnant energy, energy that is transformed and made available to use for your own healing repair, replenishment and restoration.


When we replenish our energy we strengthen our signal at the cellular level.  This allows our body to naturally come back on line and in line in a profound way.  This is the level that I work on.

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A coach helps you embrace an elevated version of yourself through guidance, trust, safety, love and humor.  A coach focuses on where you're headed, not where you've been.  A coach invites you to step into the you that is waiting... for you.  A coach helps teach you how to change your energy so it's actually okay to to have what you want.

Because if you really felt that it was okay, you'd have it already.


When you raise your state through recognizing patterns, balancing your energy, eating whole foods, saying yes to soul foods, growing your awareness, and relaxing into who you came here to be, everything changes and I'm here to help.


Our time together requires getting honest with ourselves, getting to know ourselves and taking responsibility for our lives by getting clear on our beliefs and our behaviors so we can become the greatest version of ourselves. 

We unlearn and relearn. 

We deprogram and recondition. 

We change our energy.  We create our life.

And we do it together.


Because support on the journey is a loving act and receiving love takes courage.

The results:

increased vitality

greater level of health

a stronger connection to the present

more love for self and others

a lot more fun

Change your energy and you no longer need the weight for protection. 

Change your energy and you no longer need your addictions for false satisfaction.

Change your energy and learn to relax into emotions of the heart like joy, peace, and safety.

Change your energy and your sleep, your pain, your immunity, your digestion, your relationships, your hormones, your love for your self, others and your life work with you, for you, instead of against you.

I help people who are ready and willing to commit to this work.


Change your energy.  Create your life.

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my office mate Sharon Stubbs is a licensed massage therapist and is available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in our shared space.   You can call or text her at 435.260.7427 for her availability.

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