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Before I became a massage therapist, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  When I needed more than recipes and diets, I obtained a certificate in the Transformational Coaching Method and its Mastery level program to work on a deeper level of beliefs, habit and behavior change to help others become the version that they want to be.

I've studied with a personal teacher for over a decade, studied incredible leaders in the field, taken countless courses, been to numerous retreats and gone down my own rabbit holes of deep change work.  This last 13 years of being a health coach just keeps getting better and better as I do my own work alongside my clients.  Evolution is kind of my  thing.  I can honestly say I am living my greatest life while blessings unfold daily.  I love sharing with others who are ready to embrace the same because the ripple effect is real.

Here are a few things I've learned:

I've learned that talking and repeating positive affirmations will only do so much.  Talking is only part of it - it doesn't really change our energy when we're saying one thing while left still feeling unworthy, unsafe, unloved, misunderstood, lost, afraid


I've learned that most people are waiting for something to happen outside of them before the inside of them will change (when this, then this).  I've learned that the not-so-secret secret is that in order to change what's happening on the outside, you have to change what's happening on the inside. 

I've learned that while you are the only one who can do that, it's a whole lot easier if you have a guide.

Like any skill, this takes commitment and practice, and like any skill, you can learn.  Anyone can learn to do anything. I've learned that anything the mind can do, it can also undo.  Once you get through the discomfort of the newness of it, it becomes more familiar, you get better at it,  you start seeing changes in your world that bring you peace, joy and thankfulness and now you're committed to stepping into the greatness of you, step by step, day by day with loving support and accountability.

Unfortunately, most of us do things every day that depletes our energy more than replenishes our energy - jobs we don't like, food that isn't actually food but some food-like substance, unhealthy relationships, addictive thoughts and emotions to worry, fear, guilt, unworthiness and shame, addictions to substances and food, numbing out, engaging in dramas and gossip, etc.

As soon as we get some traction... we self sabotage whether consciously or unconsciously.  I've learned that we are the ones holding ourselves back and most of us don't really know how to change.  So we try to fix it by adding more to our plate (figuratively and literally), adding pressure, trying harder with a lot of body tension and frustration. 

Sound familiar?


I've learned that we tend to over-do as modern day humans and as a result, we have very short attention spans and, in general, we are not feeling very well.  Some people don't know how bad they feel until something traumatic happens.

The great paradox of our time is that most of our sicknesses are of our own making... after all chronic dis-ease is an outcome.  Chronic disease is an outcome.  It's an outcome of unbalanced, mismanaged energy levels.  Notice how everything is worse when we're stressed and/or tired. 


I've learned that when we replenish our energy, when we release stored energy in our bodies and energy centers, when we break our addictions to emotions of the past, when we reclaim energy that's going down the proverbial tube and learn how to connect, we're fed at the deepest level.  Our bodies get an upgrade, we come back into balance, we experience a greater level of ease, and in result, we no longer need to express dis-ease

I've learned that when we align our beliefs and our behaviors to what we would rather experience we become someone we love and respect with energy to create our life.  


Together, we deprogram and recondition the mind and body so the soul reflects back what we already know somewhere deep inside of us before we forgot.  We learn how to love ourselves, maybe for the first time. I've learned and am learning that that love is infinite.  We forget what we're not so we can remember what we are: divine energy incarnated in a human body.

The life that you want to live, the version of you you want to embrace already exists as a potential in the field of infinite possibilities, it's simply waiting for you to connect with it.

Though I do specialize in areas that I have experience in - motherhood, anxiety, depression, injury, death, addiction, tragedy, life transitions, becoming your own boss - I can confidently say that I've learned and I know that no matter what ails you, no matter what your problem is, no matter what trouble you're having, you only have to do one thing... 

>> Change your energy and Your life will change <<


 I use homeopathy, bodywork, guided meditation, awareness, education, coherent energy, love and humor to teach you and support you on your journey home to your powerful, wondrous, beautiful self.

Sessions are available in person and long distance

  $95 / 1 hour

$300 / package of 4 sessions

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